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Whether we’re working, playing or sleeping in it, we spend a lot of time at home. Shouldn’t it be as healthy and comfortable as possible? Even the best traditional air filters can let microbes, germs, contaminants, dust and debris pass into the house and into our lungs. Now you can stop dust, dander and germs in their tracks with the Active Pure Air Scrubber from Aerus.

ActivePure is the same technology that was proven to reduce over 99.9% of the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus within 3 minutes and on surfaces within 7 hours.


• ActivePure® Technology uses light waves and a catalytic process to produce super oxide molecules and hydroperoxides that inactivates contaminants on surfaces and in the air

• Advanced ActivePure® Technology continuously protects and purifies the environment around you

• Said to be the most powerful surface and air purification technology ever discovered


• Works 24/7 to protect from surface and air contaminants

• Reduces allergy + asthma triggering particles

• Disinfects surfaces and air, reduces odors

• Protects from itchy eyes + stuffy noses

• Reduces harmful gases, smoke and odors

air scrubber, air purifier

Air Scrubber Models and Information

Induct 500 Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Induct 750 Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Induct 2000 Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Induct 5000 Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Induct 10000 Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Pure Cloud Air Scrubber

air scrubber, air purifier

Air Scrubber Mini EM
Mini Split

air scrubber, air purifier

Laundry Pro 2.0

water scrubber, water purifier

Laundry Pro 2.0 ActiveClean Port

water scrubber, water purifier
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2017 Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee
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Proudly designed, developed, and engineered in the USA.

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